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About Techs To Go | New Jersey

About Techs To Go

"Delivering Computer Support Direct To You"


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Our Company
Since 2004 Techs To Go has been providing computer and network support to hundreds of small businesses throughout New Jersey. Specializing in the needs of small and medium size businesses, Techs To Go works proactively to maintain the health of its clients' systems and works to resolve technology related issues before they become problems or cause downtime. Techs To Go provides a full range of technology support services which include general "tech" support; its "Best Defense" System for backup and disaster recovery; email spam filtering and much more. Techs To Go serves as a professional advisor to its clients and works as an advocate and vendor liaison when planning new client projects. Techs To Go incorporates the use of technology in the workplace to help clients improve efficiency, save costs and generate revenue for their organizations.

Our "All Inclusive" service plan philosophy and our unique "Best Defense" Business Continuity System separate Techs To Go from others. Techs To Go's clients have an IT business partner as an extension of their team. Techs To Go resolves ongoing computer system support needs and participates in strategic planning with clients. Clients have the ease of budgeting ahead with a consistant monthly service fee for IT. Techs To Go's "Best Defense" Business Continuity System arms businesses with a secure, fully managed backup solution for data recovery and continuation of business in the event of a system failure or disaster.

Our Team
Adam Lefsky - Founder, Managing Member
In 2004, Adam founded Techs To Go, which began providing outsourced IT services to small and medium size businesses throughout New Jersey. Through his leadership and innovation, Adam introduced Techs To Go's "Best Defense" Business Continuity System, a state-of-the-art business backup and disaster recovery system designed for organizations of all sizes, which in past years had not been affordable for small and medium businesses. Adam brings over a decade of experience working in Information Technology with New Jersey businesses both internally and as a consultant. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Rutgers University.

Nicole Lefsky - Co-Founder, Managing Member
Nicole co-founded Techs To Go in 2004 and has been a member of the Techs To Go executive team since its inception. Nicole brings over 17 years of business ownership, management, marketing and business development experience to Techs To Go. Nicole manages business operations for Techs To Go and works to educate clients about technology offerings which work to improve efficiency or increase sales in the workplace. Nicole holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from Rider University.

"The information stored in our computer system is extremely valuable and needs to be accessible on a timely basis to run our business. Extensive downtime, even for one day, is a severe problem. If we ever lost our data, it would be disastrous to our firm and severely inhibit us from doing day to day business. For years, we had been using tapes to backup our information. It was dependent upon manual labor and manually taking tapes and data home, which was only so secure. Because we are dealing with confidential information that is of the utmost importance, we needed to have the data at a secure site. Techs To Go's Business Continuity Service provides us with the comfort of knowing that our critical information is accessible onsite and safely stored offsite so in the event of a disaster, our information is not lost. It also automates the backup process without having to manually handle it."
- Jeff and John Shirk, Managing Partners, Fortress Financial

"We were in need of a new computer system. As a business with multiple office locations, we originally reached out to Techs To Go for guidance and recommendations. They configured an affordable system that would meet our specific needs and allow us to communicate among all locations, which saves time for office staff and clients. This helps the offices run more efficiently. We have developed an ongoing relationship with Techs To Go and know that we can count on them to respond quickly to our computer system issues. I feel comfort in knowing that they are there for our business when we need them."
- Dr. Mark Newkirk, Newkirk Family Veterinarians

"As a business owner, I need to focus on business operations. Consistently, Techs To Go has been responsive to our firm's ongoing computer system needs. They deliver quality work and get the job done. They are genuine, honest individuals and stand out among other computer support companies. Honesty, responsiveness and consistency - traits I value in Techs To Go."
- President, Michael DeVlieger, Discover Personnel Services, LLC


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Techs To Go
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Data Protection Managed IT Services Vendor ManagementHosting Services

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