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Do You Have a Data Protection Plan for When Disaster Strikes?

Unthinkable as it is, loss of critical business data does happen, and data recovery can be a long and painful process - if the information can be restored at all. Most businesses still depend on unreliable tape drives and other outdated data protection services, risking serious downtime and the loss of information that drives their operations.


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  If your IT infrastructure were suddenly down due to theft or a natural disaster, would you have a data backup and recovery plan? Techs To Go offers complete data recovery and data protection programs for small and mid-size businesses in New Jersey.

Now there's a safe and secure way to protect your critical data from loss due to hackers, employee theft, system failure, and natural disasters. We offer data recovery programs tailored specifically to your business' IT needs.

Data Protection and Data Recovery solutions from Techs To Go:
  • Receive backup of your data and IT infrastructure in our offsite data centers, assuring duplicate copies in case of fire, flood, or other catastrophic loss
  • Have simple, secure access to your files via our dedicated servers
  • Get consistent, automatic data backups of your important files
  • Have an offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that is available within minutes in the event of a system failure at your primary location
  • Take advantage of our monthly service packages - with no major hardware, software or capital expense involved

Your data protection plan should include more than just an in-house backup copy – if your office were destroyed, your chance of data recovery would be gone, too. A disastrous event might seem unlikely, but there are plenty of other risks to your data that could bring your business to a halt. A virus or network failure could keep your business down for days. There are too many threats out there for New Jersey businesses to operate without an off-site backup.

Without access to critical data, would you be able to make contact with customers and vendors and continue to run your business? How long would your company survive? Do you really want to find out?

Contact Techs To Go today and learn how we can create a custom data recovery and backup solution for your business.


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